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A climate of can-do Autumn 2010
Talk Climate: A collection of provocative ideas and proposals March 2010
It's hard to avoid rising sea levels (PDF) February 2010
How the Murdoch press got it wrong on the Himalayan big melt 20 January 2010
A climate con: Analysis of the "Copenhagen Accord" 21 December 2009
The long road to Copenhagen 26 November 2009
Copenhagen reality check: 25% by 2020 isn't in the ball park 4 November 2009
Please Adjust Your Expectations 3 November 2009
Illusions on the edge of a precipice 19 October 2009
Forget about 2050, we're blowing the carbon budget right now 11 September 2009
Punting on coal is a loser, tell the Government
The Age, 10 September 2009
Eastern region climate forum (video): Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Plan B: Ditch carbon trading and get ready to spend ABC radio "The national interest" 8 May 2009
Suicidal Sweethearts New Matilda 5 May 2009
A new reality check on the global carbon emissions budget 3 May 2009
Climate countdown April 2009
What's up with emisions reductions of 25-40% by 2020? March 2009
• Recent climate science: implications for policy
Australian Climate Action Summit, 31 January. Powerpoint and notes (2 files) Science A | Science B (PDFs)
Warming gets cold shoulder from Canberra The Age, 29 January 2009
350 is the wrong target Climate Reader, January 2009
A new realism in the climate conversation Dissent, Summer 2008-0
Bubbling our way to the apocalypse Rolling Stone (Aust), November 2008
This is an emergency! Speech to Adelaide public meeting, 10 October 2008
Middle of the road ... towards a cliff The Age, 8 August 2008
In the end, climate is not an economic question On Line Opinion, 8 July 2008
The perils of playing nice New Matilda, 4 July 2008
Not enough time to turn back the climate clock Adelaide Advertiser, 3 July 2008
After Garnaut, the big questions will remain unanswered ABC Opinion, 2 July 2008
Is Labor's climate policy "backed by the science"? September 2007
Climate advocacy and the 2007 election August 2007
Are we getting the third degree? Dissent, Spring 2007
Courting Tiger, like air travel itself, is unsustainable The Age, 17 March 2007


The Arctic challenge for Australia Perspective, 5 August 2008


The Monthly Six Degrees of Apocalypse October 2008
Robyn Williams In conversation 7 August 2008
The Monthly Comment by Robert Manne August 2008
Ecos Magazine Book review August 2008
ABC Radio Bush Telegraph 7 July 2008 (mp3)
Climate Radio Two degrees show (UK) 9 July 2008 Listen (mp3)


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