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Carbon calculator
Calculate your household energy and private transport
carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for one year

  Your usage
CO2 tonnes


Kilowatt hours (kWh) / year
  % green electricity


Megajoules (MJ) / year

 Motor vehicles   

1st vehicle Fuel type
OPTION 1: litres / week
OPTION 2: Kilometres / year
2nd vehicle Fuel type
OPTION 1: litres / week
OPTION 2: Kilometres / year

 Air travel

Total kilometres / year


 Carbon dioxide emissions (tonnes per person)


Vehicle types:
compact: engine capacity under 1500cc
small: engine capacity 1600cc to 2000cc
medium: engine capacity 2100cc to 2600cc
large: engine capacity over 2600cc
hybrid: medium hybrid and mid-size motorbike:
      Air travel: Use the air distance chart to add up your total flying kilometres.
Household size: generally carbon calculators count numer of persons in households as those who are 16 years of age and over
      Data source: stationery energy and liquid fuel emission factors from Australian Greenhouse Office Factors and Methods Workbook, Dec. 2006. Air travel data from Planet Carbon. Motor vehicle fuel usage averaged from AGO fuel guide. For tips on decreasing fuel usage, see

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